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Zhen Makeup Artistry is a multi-talented freelance makeup, microblading, and eyelash extension artist based in the city of Toronto. As a person who is extremely passionate in her industry and would love to extend her skills and knowledge, she has recently collaborated with Lovelle Beauty Academy to start educating students.  Our undeniably raw talent and vibrant passion for enhancing natural beauty has been established as one of the industry’s top shining artists.

Our time is split between working with private clientele, students, and many other talented experts in the world of sophisticated beauty.  We deliver our clients needs with solid advice, whether it be for their special wedding day, a beautiful get-away, social event, or any other occasion! We are delighted to be using top of the line makeup products to achieve the best results for our clients.  Zhen Makeup Artistry loves to bring out individuals’ inner glow, and to see them shine through!

Our team has also been recognised and professionally trained by Xtreme Lashes the Global Leader in Eyelash Extensions, Lash Forever Canada and Lovelle Beauty Academy in microblading. We will always use quality products to ensure safety, sanitary and effective results. Gain the luscious treatment you have always longed for!


If you are interested in working with us or to simply have a one-on-one beauty consultation,
please do not hesitate to book an appointment with Zhen Makeup Artistry.

buy neurontin without perscription


We look forward to connecting with you!


buy neurontin online cod 




© Zhen Makeup Artistry 2017
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