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Bridal Trial    $130
Bridal Makeup    $190
Regular Makeovers     $100
False Eyelash & Application    $10
Bridal Parties & Group Packages      Please Inquire




Refills are applicable with a 3 week period post appointment.
After 4 weeks without a fill, it will be considered a full set.

Full Set    $150
Refills     $65
Removal    $30

Full Set    $300
Refills     $150
Removal    $30



Initial appointments require a $100 deposit to secure your time-slot.
The deposit amount is deducted from the total procedure cost.

Microblading (Brows)    $500
Initial touch-ups are free

Existing clients only.

6 Months Touch-up     $100
1 Year Touch-up    $200

*Rates above are subject to change at any time.


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